How to deal with abandoned vehicles on private property in Brisbane QLD

How to deal with abandoned vehicles on private property in Brisbane QLD

Vehicles are valuable items, and they must be catered to accordingly. However, some automobiles are stranded on the roads or the driveway, with no clue of their owner.If your vehicle has broken down in the middle of the road, leave it there for some time. You will get connected with car towing services to help you move your car to a nearby service station. Or if you have an old unwanted car you can contact our Cash for Cars Brisbane service.The entire process is going to cost less than 24 hours to complete.In some cases, when a vehicle is left on private property, and there is no trace of the owner coming to rescue the car for the next 48 hours, there arises trouble.

What Are Abandoned Vehicles?

To slide an automobile into the definition of an abandoned vehicle, these conditions are applied:

  • The vehicle is listed as expired or canceled
  • The vehicle carries no number plate, or
  • The vehicle is registered but hasn’t moved for at least 2 months
  • The vehicle is damaged and cannot move under its power

These conditions demonstrate the definition of an abandoned car, but a vehicle parked at your private property for more than 48 hours is a kind of abandoned vehicle too. Certain actions must be enrolled to handle the process as per law.

Personal Investigation for Abandoned Vehicles

It is only sometimes the case that vehicles are suspected when they are parked on your private property without a number plate. It is a common practice for people to park their vehicles where they are crashed to look for nearby help.Getting a quick investigation into the abandoned vehicle before creating chaos is always recommended. Some departments can help you know about the car and its owner.

  • Department of Transport and Main Roads Queensland Government Agent Program Office
  • Magistrates’ Court
  • Local Police Station
  • Insurance Company (with which the car is registered)

The records in these departments can make your way toward the vehicle’s owner.If you believe that law enforcement agencies should get into the matter, as the case is sensitive, you must contact the city council.

How to Deal with the Abandoned Vehicles?

If you have any vehicle, including a passenger car, 4*4, SUV, bus, or minivan, parked at your property for over 48 hours with no sign of the owner nearby, you must make a rational decision. These vehicles are usually suspected of being part of any criminal activity.

  • Contact The City Council

You must contact the city council to have them on board to make prospective decisions about the car. The team will ask for basic details about the vehicle, like:

  • Make & Model
  • Place it is Parked
  • License Plate Number
  • Condition of the Car
  • Pictures (in a certain condition)
  • File a Report

You must file a report detailing all about the case. You are likely to confront the following questions for a result-driven service:

  • When did you first see the car?
  • How long has it been parked at your private property?
  • Have you seen anyone coming near to the car time and again?
  • Are there any cameras installed to show a clearer view of your property?
  • Have you tried to find in your neighbourhood about the owner of the car?
  • Have you seen this car in your area before?

These are some common questions the city council team can ask you. However, they always vary from situation to situation.

  • Get The Car Towed

Police enforcement and the city council will make urgent arrangements to get the vehicle towed away from your private property. The abandoned vehicles are dealt with under the stated laws by the Government.

A Sensitive Approach 

It is not always necessary that the vehicle left on private property is suspected of any crime. The owners of these vehicles may be found upon search.But unfortunately, some abandoned vehicles are used merely to upbringing the negativity in society. The purpose of not getting these vehicles registered is to stay away from getting caught and disguise their identity for safety. Here are some of the most common reasons why people use unregistered vehicles and leave them abandoned on the streets.

  • drug dealing
  • hazardous waste dumping
  • homeless people
  • illegal dumping
  • illegal auto repair and sales
  • insurance fraud
  • littering
  • junk vehicles intentionally kept on private property
  • nuisance parking
  • prostitution
  • scrap metal theft
  • unlicensed or unregistered vehicles
  • vehicle theft

The Bottom Line 

It is important to know the sensitivity involved with abandoned vehicles. Sometimes, the agencies might get their hands on the criminal group performing such activities through these vehicles.In general, having an abandoned vehicle on your private property or even in your neighbourhood must be taken care of instantly without causing any delay.