How To Sell Car Parts For Money In Brisbane

Used Car Parts Retailing Trend In Australia

In Australia, over the past five years, the motor vehicle parts retailing industry has grown extensively. Demand for new or used auto parts is rising day by day. The huge demand usually comes from consumers maintaining old cars rather than purchasing a new ones.

So, if you have a damaged, broken, junk, scrap, wrecked, accidental, flooded, and unwanted car, we have a solution for you.

Scrap My Car For Cash Brisbane

We have two options for you if you have a vehicle rusting in your backyard or anywhere in Brisbane.

The first option is quite challenging and time-consuming. However, if you know how to dismantle a scrap car, go ahead. With tools, carefully take out all the vehicle’s working parts, and after cleaning and testing, sell the auto parts individually. Some auto parts like engines, braking systems, and drive shafts are highly valuable, and you can make good money from them.

The second option is relatively easier. Reach out to any reliable scrap car removal company like local cash for cars and sell your whole vehicle. We buy all makes and models of vehicles regardless of the condition. Moreover, we handle all the paperwork and offer a free quote, free vehicle pickup, and on-the-spot cash for cars.

Most Valuable Car Parts You Can Sell For Money In Brisbane

Engine It is the most valuable part of a car. A working used engine can provide you up to $400 – $800
Transmission Another most expensive car part. By selling used transmissions, you can get from $700 – $1500
Catalytic converter By selling a catalytic converter, you can get $100 – $200
Tires Wheels are one of the most frequently bought auto parts. If you have used tires in good condition, you can get $50 – $70
Fenders Bumpers and fenders are easy to sell as the bumper is the first auto part that gets damaged in an accident. Depending on the type fender can be worth up to $20 – $1,000
Doors Seats and doors are also highly replaceable auto parts. Depending on the condition, it may give you up to $300

Recycling Reduces The Negative Impact On The Environment

Scrap car recycling is one of the best options when vehicle repair and maintenance exceeds the vehicle’s actual value. It is also an exceptional option when the vehicle is damaged beyond repair, and you find no value when you decide to trade in.

Do you know if you fail to scrap your car, you can possibly harm yourself as well as the environment? So, why not choose a professional scrap car removal company? Then, contact Local Cash For Cars and sell your car within a day.

Scrap the car for cash as it will not only benefit you but the environment as well. Instead of letting your unwanted car rust away in your garage or at a landfill only to rot, call us and recycle the valuable auto parts to get cash up to $9,999.