Top 5 Most Popular Local Car Brands in Australia

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The Australian automotive market is growing fast, with even more growth expected in the future. The automotive industry is said to be one of the biggest industries in Australia, and Australia is competent in designing and manufacturing vehicles based on the latest trend.  

Holden and Ford Australia are the major automobile manufacturers in Australia, contributing big to the country’s economy. Australian automotive market generally specializes in the production of ‘large’ passenger vehicles. 

In this article, you will find some of the prominent names of the local car brands in Australia, the year they started and how long they have been in the industry.  


Holden is an Australian subsidiary company of General Motors, founded in 1856 in South Australia. Holden was the first company that assemble bodies for Ford in Australia, and by 1924, it became the exclusive supplier in Australia of the car bodies of US-based General Motors.  

Holden’s significance in the Australian Automotive market cannot be altered. Serving as a pioneer in the market made it a symbol of pride for many Australians, as it was the first car they owned.  

Some of the prominent Holden models used by many Australians are listed here: 

  • Holden Commodore 
  • Holden Caprice 
  • Holden FJ 
  • Chevrolet Captiva 
  • Holden Adventra 
  • Holden Barina 
  • Opel Calibra 
  • Opel Combo 
  • Rodeo 
  • Spark 
  • Holden Commodore (VR) 
  • 2000s 
  • Pontiac GTO 
  • Bedford Rascal 

Toyota Australia

Toyota Australia is an Australian subsidiary of a Japanese car manufacturer. This company markets all the Toyota products and advertises business operations for Toyota in Australia. It is also responsible for Lexus vehicles in Australia. 

Toyota motor corporation Australia focuses on innovative mobility solutions for its users and strives to gain the utmost satisfaction from Australian buyers. Toyota Australia aims to develop a range of sustainable mobility services and transportation solutions to help buyers in the best possible manner. Toyota Australia is a trusted name among many Australians, from manufacturing battery-electric vehicles to remote-controlled robotics to handle large vehicles.  

Some of the common names of Toyota models, among other car brands, are listed here: 

  • Toyota Corolla 
  • Toyota Hilux 
  • Toyota Land Cruiser 
  • Toyota RAV4 
  • Toyota Camry 
  • Toyota Hiace 
  • Toyota Kluger 
  • Fortuner 
  • Corolla Cross 
  • Toyota GR SUPRA 
  • Toyota C-HR 
  • Toyota Granvia 
  • Toyota Aurion 
  • GR Corolla 
  • Toyota GR Yaris 
  • Toyota Previa 
  • Toyota Corona 
  • Tundra 
  • Toyota Lexcen 


FPV (Ford Performance Vehicles) was the Melbourne-based automobile manufacturer Ford Australia. The company produced a range of Ford-based models from 2002 to 2014. The company started in 1991 when the British engineering concern Tick Ford collaborated with Ford of Australia to produce a high-performance version of Falcon. 

Over the years, FPV expanded the range to include a high-performance version of the Ford Territory and several special editions and anniversary models. 

The common models of FPV in Australia are: 

  • Ford Falcon GT 
  • FPV F6 
  • Flat-six engine 
  • FPV GT-F 
  • Ford Falcon (BA) 
  • FPV Force 6 
  • FPV Force 8 
  • Ford Falcon (FG) 
  • GT450 
  • Rob 351 


Elfin is the biggest Australian sports car manufacturer, founded in 1957 by a racing driver and engineer. It is Australia’s oldest continuous sports car maker and one of the most successful car brands, with 29 championships and major Grand Prix titles.  

The company is located in Keysborough, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. Elfin designed and built innovative, race-winning open-wheelers and sports cars. It is a pride for the company that many Australians’ best-known drivers and some international champions have raced Elfin.  

  • The top Elfin models are: 
  • Elfin Streamliner
  • Elfin Formula Junior
  • Elfin Catalina
  • Catalina Fjr
  • Elfin Clubman
  • 100 Monocoque
  • Elfin 350
  • Elfin Formula Vee
  • Elfin Crusader
  • Elfin Type 3 Clubman
  • Elfin C3
  • Elfin Club Mk3
  • Elfin Ms8 Clubman


Holden special vehicle (HSV) is an Australian automotive company that produces high-performance vehicles. It was founded in 1987 by Tom Walkinshaw. It is headquartered in Victoria, Australia.  

The company has produced more than 80,000 vehicles integrating the best technologies. HSV manufactures high-performance vehicles accommodating an element of luxury in them.  

The top HSV top-notch cars are: 

  • HSV E-Series W427 
  • HSV VL SS Group A SV Walkinshaw 
  • HSV VTII GTS 300 
  • HSV GTS Coupe 
  • HSV E-Series 2 GTS 
  • HSV Gen-F2 GTS 
  • HSV WL Grange 
  • HSV VZ Maloo R8  
  • HSV Gen-F2 GTS-R  
  • HSV Gen-F2 R8 Clubsport LSA

The Future of Automotive Industry in Australia

The Australian automotive industry is going through a period of change and progression. On one side, many manufacturers are exiting the market while new competitors are entering, having giant selling ideas.  

Therefore, this sector’s future is continually evolving and unpredictable, with multiple rooms for opportunities and challenges. The launch of electric vehicles and self-driving cars has undoubtedly expanded the reliance on technology, hence a positive step toward environmental sustainability that catches buyers’ attention on a larger scale.   

The transition to electric and self-driving cars will undoubtedly see a future much more reliant on technology. 

Car manufacturers in Australia believe electric vehicles are the future to manage and cater to the problems like climate crisis and global warming. It is a booming time for investors to bear minimum risk by entering the automotive market and using opportunities like EVs.  

The technology related to EVs is evolving, with more ideas coming in ways to create new products. 

Car brands have been a giant network around the globe, serving the economy to a greater extent, and the Australian automotive market is playing a vital part in bringing economic stability through innovation.


Many more car brands in Australia play an essential part in the automotive market. They benefit the buyers in terms of durability and affordability.  

However, even in this Era, many Australians prefer buying vehicles manufactured in foreign states.  

The government of Australia, however, is implanting quotas and tariffs to promote the local car brands and appreciate the car manufacturers located within Australia endeavoring to perform best every day. 

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